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Name:Chaotic Library
Website:Chaotic Library @ IJ
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Community description:writing

[personal profile] yuuo's plotbunnies are fickle, psychotic little things, but when she does manage to capture them, the fics she produces are usually nothing shy of awesome, proving that the [personal profile] penismightier. She's best known for her EnvyxEd and AlfonsxEd slash fics in the Fullmetal Alchemist fandom, as well as her adorable Ed and Al gen fics. Also appearing under her portfolio of work are fanfics for Slayers, Vision of Escaflowne, and Legend of Zelda. Symbolism and spoilers are abused like the proverbial redheaded stepchildren, so if you're sensitive to either, tread lightly.

[personal profile] emilie_burns, on the other hand, is usually the victim of [personal profile] plotbunnyattacks. That still doesn't make her prolific -- she instead starts getting overwhelmed and says "fuck it" and plays freecell more often than she should. She's written for Marvel, Slayers, Devil May Cry, and Record of Lodoss War, with the temptations of Angel Sanctuary, Vision of Escaflowne, Legend of Zelda, and Carnivàle drawing her in, and occasional infectious nibbles from corrupted hares trying to lure her towards RPF with Buckingham/Nicks plot ideas. But more than anything, she writes for Fullmetal Alchemist these days. See? The plotbunnies attack! In droves and swarms and hordes! She writes Roy x Riza, Ed x Riza, Elricest, Gracia x Maria, and... just about anything else that tickles her fancy that she can sell herself on to make it believable.

Flash fiction? Short shorts? [name] x [name] vs. [name] and [name]? Here's a quick reference to some of the less common sensical tags in use.

+ Tags Page - ready list for easy browsing; also available in the layout sidebar.

If you use the page summary to find a fic, [personal profile] yuuo's [name/pairing; rating] tags are in uppercase, while [personal profile] emilie_burns uses lowercase, for easy identification on who wrote what.

Our writing journals on LJ were friends-only, and unlike most writing journals, we use them to post things for beta or WIPs that aren't ready for public release. While this is very useful, it sometimes presents us with an issue of where to post our fics. While we certainly could make public entries in our writing journals, we prefer keeping that separate so we don't accidentally mispost something. This community is a dumping ground for both of us to post our finished works. Entries will be tagged in a variety of ways to allow visitors to better sort through the fics they do like.

Feel free to join or merely friend and watch the community. Only [personal profile] yuuo and [personal profile] emilie_burns (and their writing journals) have posting access, however.
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